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7 Days of Nautanki Festival - Audience Responses

From July 1 - July 7, 2020 we had our "7 Days of Nautanki Festival" - an online tasting platter festival showcasing work by performing artists / now very independent, low budget filmmakers - to celebrate our official launch! Here we share how our audiences responded to our work!

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"Brilliant storytellers! Even when there are no words, they express their feelings through flow and body."

"This is creative work beyond explanation. It can only be felt through the soul."

"Incredible artists with a fine sense of choosing sensitivity in pictures."

Testimonials: Testimonials
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Testimonials: Testimonials

Ankita is an artist at the very beginning of her powers, with deep roots in India and in Canada.
She is self-motivated, detail-oriented and driven. She never stops learning and questioning and she is personally committed to making the world a better, more compassionate, more
equitable place.

Paula Wing

Associate Artist at Soulpepper Theatre Company, Toronto

Undercover Indian (the play) - Audience Testimonials

Audience member share their thoughts after watching "Undercover Indian" (the play) - our first major creation that started in Toronto in 2017 and went on to tour to sold out audiences in India, Sweden & Thailand.

Testimonials: Video
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