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This summer, make a contribution towards the arts!

In July 2020, Nautanki Creations was founded by Ankita Alemona, a performing artist, in direct response to the pandemic. The performing arts industry ceased to exist and Ankita (along with many other artists all over the world) suddenly found herself having to work virtually, for the first time ever!

In less than a year, Nautanki Creations has grown into a widely respected platform that seeks to highlight the work of performing artists in the digital field.

Our team at Nautanki Creations now consists of three artists - Ankita Alemona, Nidhi Baadkar and Nidhil Vohra. We are a group of artists supporting artists. We are all volunteers who have worked hard to create thoughtful programming for this summer to inspire and restore our artist communities.

 One of our important missions is to encourage and facilitate cross-cultural collaboration between artists based in India and Canada, our two home countries.

This had lead to the creation of the “Artist Date” series where we will (virtually) pair up 7 artists from India with 7 artists from Canada during the month of July 2021 for a month of cross-cultural and creative collaboration. Artists will then be invited to share their creations / works in progress at our annual Nautanki Festival (currently set for the end of July 2021).

We have seen how resilient our global artist community have been and have created this platform to raise funds to provide much-needed financial support to our artist communities, notably those in India. 

Artists in India have had limited to no access to government support or financial aid and have had to rely on their personal savings or support from family to get through this year. These funds will give timely and immediate financial help for artists in India who have been impacted by the present situation, where most people have exhausted their savings or have no source of income to tide over the lockdown.

Your contribution will support and inspire a total of 22 artists, arts educators and arts managers to keep working this summer!

Donate: Welcome
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