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Ankita Alemona

Artistic Experience: Text

When Shakti Overpowers  (A Dance Film) 

Nautanki Creations & Tranza Studios 

August 2020


Conceptualised and performed in the dance film "When Shakti Overpowers," a combination of Kalaripayattu (martial arts), contemporary dance and ritual, celebrating female warrior energy.

Under Pressure (Physical Theatre)

Visual Respiration

March 2020 - Ongoing. Bangalore, India.


  • Under Pressure is a performance of climate realities and possibilities. A group of people embark on a journey to discover various truths about climate change, consumerism and culture. A montage of possibilities, absurd realities and dystopian worlds come alive in this devised performance that talks about out our carbon footprint, our consumption and our coming together. 

  • Directed by Aruna Ganesh Ram

Diploma Program (Dance/ Movement)

Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts

Sept. 2018 - Aug. 2019. Bangalore, India.


  • Performed as part of Attakalari’s Diploma Program in Movement & Mixed Media. 

  • Pieces include:

    • “L a n d s c a p e s or how the clouds came slowly down and touched my feet,” choreographed by Berlin-based Lina Gomez, presented at the Goethe Institute in Bangalore (Dec. 2018)

    • Open studio presentation of a new piece by Italian choregrapher Irma Cardano, director of Ivir Danza (Jan 2019) 

    • Site specific piece by French choreographer, Ali Salmi, presented at Ranga Shankara as part of Attakalari’s Contemporary Dance Festival (Feb 2019) 

    • Final graduation presentation at Chowdiah Memorial Hall included pieces by kalarippayattu master Sreerag Apu, a Bharatnatyam piece by Shri Minal Prabhu, “Flock of Fledgings,” a dance theatre piece by Teresa Rotemberg (Switzerland), Movimiento Triptico (Triptch Movement) by Ion Garnika (Spain) and HOLYland, a contemporary dance piece by Stefano Fardelli (Italy) – (Aug 2019). 

Undercover Indian (Immersive Theatre)

SOULO Theatre

Nov. 2017- Sept. 2018


This hilariously witty piece tells the true story of a 21-year old woman who, after finishing her B.A, is told by her mother that she must now move to India for 1 year to discover her roots. In this surprisingly immersive & interactive theatrical experience in a yoga studio, the audience moves through the story, as asana by asana the young woman reveals how her experience in India taught her to question North American culture.

Undercover Indian toured internationally for 15 shows & was performed in Toronto (Canada), Mumbai, Pondicherry & Auroville (India) & Eslov Sweden. Notable productions include it’s sold-out site-specific run of co-produced by SOULO Theatre in collaboration with Kula Annex Yoga Studio in Toronto (Nov 2017), two sold-out shows at Soulpepper Theatre Company’s Shen Development Festival (Nov. 2017), it’s international premiere in India at IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo Festival (Dec. 2017) - Asia’s largest student-run festival, and at the Yoga Mela Festival in Eslov, Sweden. 

For more information and media links, please click here.

Untitled Shape Show (Musical Theatre)

What Will the Neighbors Say?

Oct. 2017. Toronto, Canada.


Untitled Shape Show is a new musical for young audiences that celebrates self-expression, promotes individuality, and posits that it is our differences that make us beautiful. The show follows the life of a young Polygon as they try to transition into both a new school and adolescence. Using non-gendered shapes as a stand in for human characters, Untitled Shape Show is designed to resonate with all students regardless of their gender, ethnicity, or creed.

Unsettled (Theatre)

CultureLink Youth Theatre Program

Aug. 2017. Toronto, Canada.


A play about shifting cultural identity diversity of Toronto and the various difficulties that come with immigrating to Canada. Unsettled addressed challenging topics such as intercultural relationships, racism, parental expectations, and language barriers.


Chocolate Dipped is a dark comedy that deals with the issue of race.  The play takes place in a fictional fantasy chocolate world – there are six characters based on the different kinds of chocolate – milk, dark and white. Trouble arises when the chocolate market crashes and all the chocolates are forced to work together. 

Artistic Experience: CV
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