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 Thank you for your interest in this program; however, applications are now closed.

Nautanki Creations is celebrating our one year anniversary this summer! This year, we are excited to (virtually) bring together 7 artists from Canada and 7 artists from India to connect and collaborate with one another through our new “artist date series.” 

Calling artists based in either Canada or India! Do you want to get set up on an "artist date”? We know it’s been hard to meet and artistically collaborate with one another this year. In response, we are excited to launch “artist dates!” 


For our artist date series, we will select and “pair up” 7 artists from India with 7 artists from Canada to connect and artistically collaborate with one another throughout July 2021. 

We invite emerging artists based in either Canada or India, who are excited by the idea of an interdisciplinary collaboration, to apply. 

Through this program, you will be paired with another artist and you will create something together. You will experience one another's art forms and practices, and at the end, you will share the discoveries that result from your encounter at the Nautanki Festival.

In the past, our festival has garnered over 15 000 views online. This year, we are teaming up with an incredible group of community partners from Canada and India, in an effort to build a community of artists, to create a bridge between our two home countries. 


Artists must be able to dedicate a minimum of 5 hours a week to this program, your art and your artistic partnership during the month of July 2021 (see more information about time commitment, below).

Applicants must be self-motivated, as pairs will need to decide between themselves / make their own schedule in July 2021 for when they are meeting one "virtually" to connect and to create.

Artists can be from any artistic discipline - including but not limited to performing artists, visual artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, etc. 

Please note that we will likely pair you up with an artist from an artistic discipline different than your own. We will provide prompts every week to support you / guide you in collaborating with your "date." 


Artist pairs will meet for a minimum of 5 hours a week, based on their own schedules, throughout the month of July 2021. 

We will also have 3 mandatory group sessions that all participants will be expected to attend throughout the month of July 2021.

1. An orientation (beginning of July 2021)

2. A mid-point check in (mid July 2021) 

3. Our Nautanki Festival (a live sharing) (end of July 2021 / beginning of August 2021)


Creators will receive a small honorarium. We hope this collaboration will be a "starting point" and provide creators with seeds of inspiration moving forward!


Please see our F.A.Q page! Otherwise, you can also contact us at


Fill out our application form (link below) by Friday, June 11th, 2021. We have purposely sought to make this from as quick and easy to fill out as possible. Please let us know if you require any assistance with the application; our team is here to support you.